At New Choices our name says a lot about us.


New Choices, Inc. was founded in 1996 because we believed people with disabilities needed and wanted “new choices” in their lives; New choices of where to live, of opportunities to pursue, of the services used to help achieve personal goals and how those services were delivered.

We Try Never To Say No

This idea is simple but requires alot of effort and dedication. No is not a word you’ll hear from us very often.

Do you or a family member require specialized care?
We’ll ensure our staff have all the training and knowledge necessary to do a good job.
Have a last minute request for services?
We’ll do all we can to fill it.

We understand that giving you the services you want at the times you want is an important component of providing quality services.

No need to deal with multiple service providers.

100_2089_0473_473We can provide all the services you or your family member may need to live successfully in the community, including training and support, Nursing and Home Health and handicapped accessible modifications.

Our services are also designed to follow recipients through all stages of life, from childhood to senior citizenship, each year strengthening our bond with you and knowledge about you.

Families Talk

The response to our services has been overwhelmingly positive. The people we serve and their families are happy with their services and are sharing their stories of success with others. As a result, in a short period of time, New Choices (NCI) has grown to become one of the largest providers of Home and Community Based Services in the state of Iowa.