NCI Philosophy

2009_0924newchoices0045Welcome to New Choices

Our services are designed to make the people we support aware of the opportunities that life has to offer all of us and to realize that they have the same rights to pursue their interests as everyone else. But it doesn’t end there, we also work to teach the skills and provide the supports that are necessary for people to be successful.

This philosophy is reflected in our motto: Opportunity-Discovery-Growth

2009_0730hollywood0056NCI’s Mission Statement

New Choices, Inc. will provide consumer-designed services that assist the consumer to be the primary decision maker in their life, to become more capable and to be an involved member of the community. We will be as diligent, flexible and creative as necessary to achieve this mission.

100_1906_0786_7861NCI’s Motto

NCI’s motto is Opportunity, Discovery, and Growth. We believe that when people have the opportunity to participate in activities that interest them, the results are the discovery of new skills, which help them to become more independent and achieve personal growth.

basketballThe NCI Vision

People with disabilities will have the same opportunities as other people to live their lives to the fullest and be accepted in their community.