NCI Services

istock_000003078858xsmallistock_000009423814xsmall1We provide services through the following waiver programs:

Waiver Services

Intellectual Disabilities Waiver (formerly MR Waiver)

Brain Injury Waiver

Habilitation Waiver (for people with mental illness)

Physical Disability Waiver

Ill and Handicapped Waiver

Elderly Waiver

NCI Home Health Services

NCI Home Health is accredited by Medicare and Medicaid to provide in-home Nursing, Home Health Aide and Therapy Services.

NCI provides services that assist people with disabilities to successfully live in their home and community. NCI can also help them find a job and to maintain employment, and to obtain funding to make their home or vehicle more handicapped accessible.



This service consists of teaching the skills that have been identified as important by the service recipient and their team in the service plan. For people living on their own, SCL services can also include support to be successful in daily living while learning to become more independent. Supports can include assistance with shopping, hygiene, money management, medication management etc. All SCL services are designed specifically for each service recipient based upon their personal needs and preferences. Therefore the number of hours of service and the activities that occur during service times are different for each person. Levels of SCL services can range from a few hours a week to 24 hours per day depending on the needs of the service recipient.


Respite services are available if the service recipient lives with a primary care giver (such as a parent). Respite services are designed to give the care giver a break from their normal duties and can be provided in increments ranging from 1 – 72 hours. During Respite services, our staff will perform the same duties that you typically would in your absence.


IMMT services are monitoring and treatment of a medical nature that requires specially trained caregiver knowledge beyond what is normally available in a day care setting. These services are provided when the caregiver is unavailable to provide care due to employment or educational commitments or prolonged absence from the home. Recipients of IMMT services must be under 21 years of age, live with their primary caregiver, receive Home Health services and have physician authorization for services.


CDAC services provide assistance to service recipients to complete self care tasks that they would typically do independently if capable and can include dressing, hygiene, grooming, bathing, toileting, ambulating, eating etc.


This service is available to service recipients who need to make adaptations to their home or vehicle to overcome accessibility barriers. This can include such things installing grab bars and ramps or purchasing accessibility devices for the home or installing a wheel chair lift for a van.


This service is provided under the Habilitation Waiver only, it provides for tailored supports that assist service recipients with the acquisition, retention or improvement of skills related to living in the community. Covered supports include skill development, personal care, assistance with activities of daily living, social skills, supervision and oversight.
HBH services are available up to 24 hours per day depending on the individual’s needs.

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