New Ideas

[JUNE 2014] Who out there is always looking to improve ? Last night at the June Brain injury support group meeting, that very thing was being discussed. Occupational therapist, Mickey Owens, and Speech therapist, Missey Heinrichs were discussing essentially what would be considered therapy after the fact, so you could still keep improving. This whole idea was extremely exciting to me. As it is now, insurance companies routinely make you stop therapy before you’re ready, because they don’t want to keep paying. The improvements following sustaining a brain injury come very slowly. As I understood from what Mickey and Missey were saying was that therapy support (OT, SP) would be offered at a reduced rate, because therapy students would be performing the support under the supervision of a licensed therapist. To me, it was very exciting to think about the possibilities. By the cost being reduced, you could pay for it out of pocket, eliminating the need for interference from insurance companies all together. Apparently, something similar to this idea is already being done successfully in New Jersey. I think we all should hope and pray that what is now an idea, in it’s infancy, can become a reality. Something to think about…..