Autumn Time

Fall time is here! That can only mean one thing….winter is not too far around the corner. Conditions at this time of year can be treacherous. The beginning of fall is not bad at all, but as fall-time goes on, the weather gets frigid. And you know what that means….if you’re a person with any sort of neurological damage, most likely your muscles are going to tense up or contract. This means that not only is walking going to be more difficult, but it can also put you at an increased risk for falls. I know better then anyone, that falls can occur at any time for anyone, but even more so if you have compromised balance at all, due to a disability. I know falls are one of my least favorite parts of my disability, among many other things, because when I do it it, I always seem to do it up good!

Yes, it is true that sometimes these things are just going to happen, but you can always do things to help prevent falls. When it’s unusually cold outside, dress for the weather. It seems like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t adhere to the most basic safety tactics, or even think to so so. If we do get ice during October; yes, it does happen, be sure to wear a good pair of shoes that have good traction, and walk slowly. Also, whenever possible, hang onto something when your literally “sliding” across the ice. Or if you’re with someone else, hang onto them for safety. Remember these things as you go about your SAFE and FUN fall. Something to think about….