Brain Power

[MAY 2014] “I don’t think non-brain injured individuals’ can really fathom the work it takes us cognitively to do certain things. Truly, if you’ve never had a brain injury, how is it even possible to know. Other people can empathize with us, but they can’t truly sympathize with us, because they haven’t gone through it. For me, I’m talking about school and taking classes. After I’m done with a full two semesters of taking one class a semester, my mind/brain is pooped. I am most definitely ready for a break. Some school years are more tedious than others are. Also, I’m doing the exact same coursework that my peers are doing, but probably using four times as much brain power/energy to do that same work. For those of you who are out there working a job, you’re probably using four times the amount of effort to be able to do your work, and to do it well. This is just a little something to keep in mind when you’re going about your daily activities. Don’t get too down on yourself because tings may be taking you longer, or you may need a little extra repeating. You’re doing it! Something to think about….”