2011 Recap

People 1st of Scott County – 2011

Happy Holidays! As 2011 comes to an end, I thought I would let you know some of the activities that People 1st of Scott County has been involved in.

I will list the activities by the months in which we took part in them. Here goes.

January, 2011: People 1st of Scott County sponsored a “Hobby Fair” at the Duck Creek Lodge in Davenport. The “Hobby Fair” gave individuals the chance to showcase the things that they are interested in doing, in the hopes that others might be interested too, therefore more social contacts could be made.

March, 2011: There was a big turn-out for the “Food Pyramid Bingo” activity that was sponsored by People 1st and the Scott County Extension office. This activity was held to help individuals learn about healthy eating.

“Advocating Change Day” was another event that members of People 1st of Scott County attended this year in March. Advocating Change Day is a day designed especially for Iowans with disabilities and their families to become skilled at communicating with their state legislators and other elected officials. Participants had the opportunity to learn about developing a message and effectively delivering it, visit with available legislators and other elected officials and watch the legislative process from the galleries.

April, 2011: There were a couple of activities sponsored by People 1st during the month of April. The first was the People 1st Walking Club that was held every Monday night on the Davenport North High School Track. Dawn Jacobs, the People 1st of Scott County Advisor, kept a list every Monday of how many laps each person walked and by the time the Walking Club finished in October, the winner had walked 134 ½ laps. A drawing was held on some Monday nights, and included each person’s name that walked. The winner of the drawings received a $5.00 gift card to Subway.

The other People 1st sponsored activity that began in April and ended in May was a 10-week exercise class that was run by Davenport Parks and Recreation. The ONE Foundation graciously paid for 20 admissions to the class. The ONE Foundation is a Sponsor of People 1st of Scott County.

May, 2011: “Keep Scott County Beautiful” was an activity sponsored by People 1st of Scott County in May. Members of the community came out to clean up Fejervary Park and were treated to grilled hotdogs, pop, chips and apples that were donated by the ONE Foundation.

Charlotte Cargill, a member of People 1st of Scott County, manned a booth at the “Family Fest,” which was held by Davenport Parks and Recreation in May. She let people that came to the Family Fest know about People 1st and what we do.

June, 2011: A Fire Safety training was held at the Duck Creek Lodge in June. Mark Kakert from the Davenport Fire Department came and had a discussion with the participants about how to stay safe in their homes. The participants also were given the chance to put out a fire with an extinguisher in the “Fire House” that Mark brought with him.

July, 2011: The “Journey Of Hope Dance” was held at Club Mokan in July to thank the Journey of Hope bike riders. The riders raise money and awareness for people with disabilities and then put the money back into communities where it will benefit people with disabilities (i.e. a handicapped accessible playground). The members of Journey of Hope are Fraternity Brothers from Pi Kappa Phi all across the country. There are now 3 routes on the Journey of Hope: North, South, and Trans America. All 3 of the routes finish in Washington, DC. The North and South routes both leave from San Francisco, CA., while the Trans America route leaves from Seattle, Washington. The riders average 75 miles a day!

Myself and 5 other People 1st members volunteered at the Bix 7 road race by holding up flags in the middle of Kirkwood Boulevard during the race so that the racers would cross to soon. It was a great day for the race.

August, 2011: In August myself and 4 other People 1st members attended Building Bridges Day at the Iowa State Fair. We handed out arts and craft kits to kids and talked to adults about what People 1st is and what we do. We also got to go to the Blank Park Zoo on the trip for a day in Des Moines. A good time was had by all!

September, 2011: Some members of People 1st volunteered and pulled weeds at the Sensory Gardens at Fejervary Park to keep it looking nice.

From September to December there were Open Gyms held at Lourdes Gym for people to go and play basketball and practice their skills. This activity was sponsored by the ONE Foundation.

October, 2011: A Halloween dance was sponsored by People 1st in October at Club Mokan. There were many funny and spooky costumes everywhere.

These were just some of the activities People 1st of Scott County members took part in in 2011. I’m sure 2012 will also be packed full of opportunities for the group to be involved in. If you would like to learn more about People 1st of Scott County please contact our Advisor, Dawn Jacobs, at 563-529-3790 or myself at 563-579-8632.

Have a Great New Year!
Stuart Brown, People 1st of Scott County President