Our Staff

Keely Jones

Keely Jones has led a very busy life considering she’s only 24 years young. She’s lived in the Quad Cities for 13 of those years. Prior to that, she was a resident of both Chicago and Minnesota.

Jones has held a couple different positions for the company. She started in the Human Resource and Financial Department. Beginning in 2008, Jones began working direct Care on a full time basis. Currently, I am Jones’ only remaining New Choices consumer with whom she works with at the company. She comments that “It’s a good end to a rough day working with me”. This is because she is one brave woman and works as a junior high English teacher. She tells me she absolutely loves it.

Jones has a lot of favorite parts of the job. She does say that one of her most favorite parts of the job is watching the individual progress, and learning from all of the individuals she’s worked with. From me, she’s enjoyed learning all about brain injury. She has also learned a lot by getting to attend my brain injury support group. The biggest thing she takes away from the group is how other people deal or cope with their brain injuries.

Jones did mention that there are some challenging parts of the job, too. “Some of the individuals are extremely exhausting, and challenging.” However, that doesn’t compare with the exhaustion she feels from the paperwork, but knows that’s just part of the job.

Jones talks about what the most perfect day on the job would be like. She explains, “All of Sarah’s fun projects we take on; such as, figuring out how to get the Christmas tree to stand up all by itself. I never know what to expect on Sarah’s to-do list”.

When Jones is not working, she loves to play volleyball; which is a major stress reliever for her, and she also likes to lay out at her pool and go on road trips.

Upon discovering all of these new facets of Jones life, she explained that people probably wouldn’t know that she was a very creative person, and that she was ambidextrous. She also said that others at the company probably wouldn’t know she was an English teacher.

It was very interesting discovering all of these new fun facts about Keely Jones.