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Brenda Newman

One commonly heard comment, when asked the question, “Is there something about your job with New Choices that you wish you could you could do less of” is “always driving”. “It becomes repetitive”, according to Brenda Newman, who has been employed by New Choices for eight years as Direct Care staff. However, she knows that this is just part of the job, and loves the rest of her job.

Newman has lived all 52 years of her life as a Midwest girl. Nine months out of those years, she lived in Missouri, and five years were spent in Ankeny, Iowa. The rest of her life she has been a resident of the Quad Cities.

Newman explains to me that she works with six different individuals, and while there’s certain common activities that people like to do, for the most part, everyone is very different. Generally, they work on craft types of activities, do laundry, and do a variety of different forms of shopping. This includes grocery shopping, shopping for clothes, or shopping for items for the individual’s home; it really varies. One form of shopping that Newman has a lot of expertise and enjoys doing is going to garage sales. She enjoys doing this in her free time. “You can usually find most things you are looking for at a garage sale.” Since she does have expertise in this area, she enjoys sharing it with her consumers; if that is something they enjoy.

Newman explains to me that there are both rewarding and challenging parts of her job. This truthfully, is going to be the case in any job, and she knows that. She said that the most rewarding thing for her is when somebody is able to accomplish a task after repeatedly working on it either independently, or with minimal assistance. “The job does have its challenges, though.” Newman says. For her it’s the strong, stubborn personalities, and the attitudes that tend to be most challenging. She completes her thought by saying that the documentation can also really be a big challenge.

Newman’s vision of a perfect day on the job would be when everything runs smoothly, and the consumers are doing what needs to be done, as far as goals are concerned, and let’s not forget the driving; when there’s less driving.

In Newman’s free time, there is a lot of different things that she enjoys doing. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her step-sister Deb. They really have a lot of fun together. She also loves to spend time with her grand-daughter, Lexi. She enjoys doing crafts like scrapbooking and also does bible study. She absolutely loves her bible study.

I asked her what some things are that other people probably wouldn’t know about her. She explained to me that other people probably don’t know that she is married to a man that is on oxygen all-the-time, and also that she has Cerebral Palsy on her left side.

I enjoyed getting to know more about Newman, and the different parts of her life, and what it is that really makes her tick.