People 1st of Scott County

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What is People 1st?


People First of Scott County is the local chapter of People First. People First is an international self advocacy group that is run for and by people with Developmental Disabilities.


There are People 1st chapters all over the country and world. People 1st means that we are people first and our disabilities are second. People 1st members learn how to speak for themselves so they, not others, can make the important decisions in their lives.

People 1st members.

People 1st assists members in building self-confidence by providing a safe place to say how they feel and what they think. We believe that a person who is given the training and support from a peer group can learn to be a strong self advocate.

The Community.


We work to educate our communities that we have the rights and responsibilities as other citizens.

5 Principles of People 1st:

1. Solve problems and make decisions for ourselves.

2. Speak up for ourselves.

3. Know our rights and responsibilities.

4. Contribute to our community.

5. People 1st chapters are run by and for the people with Developmental Disabilities.

Members of People First feel:

If we are treated equally and we have the same opportunities as people who are not disabled, we will gain knowledge, become more independent and be more capable of having control over our own lives.

Members of People First are committed:

To increasing personal and economic independence and capabilities, defending civil rights, and eliminating discrimination and prejudice of people with Developmental Disabilities.

Join People 1st.


1. Learn and use self advocacy skills.

2. Educate the community.

3. Build friendships.

4. Increase awareness of issues affecting people with Developmental Disabilities.

5. Join together in one voice.

Members of People First Learn:

– To Find Their Voices
– To Stand Up For Themselves And Peers
– Leadership Skills
– To Run Their Own Meetings
– To Be Politically Active
– Personal Responsibility
– Respect And Kindness For Others

People First of Scott County members meet monthly and they welcome you to join them. For more information about People First contact Dawn Jacobs at 563-355-5502.